WEA Guidelines are based on Acts and Executive Orders. They explain how the regulations are to be interpreted. WEA Guidelines describe, among other things, how enterprises, etc. can plan and carry out their work, so as to ensure that the health and safety requirements are met. WEA Guidelines are not binding on the enterprises etc. but the Danish Working Environment Authority will take no further action if an enterprise has complied with the WEA Guidelines.

Technical equipment

Substances and Materials


Registration and notification of working injuries etc., rev. 1 - September 2013 (only in Danish)
Management systems for health and safety, rev. 0 - August 2013 (Only in Danish)
Responsibilities and cooperation, rev. 0 - August 2013 (Only in Danish) 
Approvals and permissions, rev. 1 - December 2012 (Only in Danish)
Health and safety cases - December 2012 (Only in Danish)
Education and competence - December 2012 (Only in Danish)
Safety training in connection with work on offshore installations, rev. 6 - August 2012 (Only in Danish)
Working hour regulation in the offshore area, rev. 1 - January 2011 (Only in Danish)
Drilling - exploration (Only in Danish)