Register of Foreign Service Providers

The rules apply both for foreign companies that post employees in Denmark and for sole trader businesses.

What to do

At you will find an electronic form that you must complete when you provide notification of your company and the work that is to be carried out in Denmark. All work must be reported.

Once you have sent the form, you will receive an acknowledgement, which contains an RUT number that you should use when contacting the Danish authorities.

When should you provide notification?

Your notification must be made by the time the work begins. Any changes in the details must be reported at the latest the first working day after the changes take effect.

If your notification is made after the work has begun, you may be fined. You may also be fined if you provide incorrect or incomplete information.

Proof for the assignor

If the work is within the areas of building, construction, forestry, horticulture or agriculture, you must provide proof to the assignor* that you have notified the RUT. If you fail to do so, the assignor is obliged to inform the Danish Working Environment Authority. The acknowledgement of notification is suitable proof.

At  and you can find more information about working in Denmark.

* The assignor is the company or person with whom you have concluded a contract to carry out work.