The DWEA's inspection

The Danish Working Eenvironment Authority (the DWEA) carry out health and safety inspections on offshore installations pusuant to the Offshore Safety Act.
The cornerstone of the supervision is the companies' self-monitoring system in the form of a management system for health and safety, to ensure and document that the regulatory requirements are met and that the execution and design of offshore installation and jobs are done with minimal risk to people and property.

A part of this system is verification by independent classification and certification companies. The requirement of a management system is shown in Chapter 3 of the Offshore Safety Act and section 7 of the Executive Order No. 1404 of 4 December 2017 on Management of Safety and health etc. in connection with Offshore Oil and Gas Operations etc.

The DWEA's inspection is based - in addition to the Danish regulations - on the plans and conditions pursuant to which the DWEA's approval of each activity. The inspection covers both single and more general issues focused on individual circumstances. A part of these are:

  • Areas where the selected conditions in a given time are given special attentionin supervision. This will ensure systematic follow-up to several installations / companies.
  • Audits where the DWEA inspections on an offshore installation or by visiting the company's onshore office systematically reviews the company in selected areas to show that the Danish regulations (and specific conditions of the installation) area taken into account in the planning and execution of tasks.
  • Supervision / visit where the DWEA visit an offshore installation and inspect the installation's general condition, conducts audits, follow-up focus areas and any issues identified by inspection or audit, as well as meeting with the plant's safety organization.

Authorities offshore

In addition to the DWEA there are a number of other authorities which have responsibility for overseeing the safety, health and environment on offshore installations.

Danish Working Environment Authority 

The DWEA is the responsible authority for health and safety on offshore installations. Offshore installations are understood as systems for exploration and production of oil and gas from beneath the seabed. Wind farms at sea are excluded from this definition.

Security includes the built-in safety systems and equipment as well as safety in the workplace and at work. Health includes health conditions in the work environment and other health conditions, ie. also stay on the installations outside work hours.

Offshore installations are not covered by the Working Environment Act.

Environmental Protection Agency  Discharge into the sea from offshore installations. Contingency in case of pollution of the sea from offshore installations for example by oil spills.
Danish Health and Medicines Authority 

Educational requirements for offshore medic, interior and equipment in the hospital for fixed installations. Radioactive sources (National Institute of Radiation Hygiene). 

Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority  Helicopter safety, including helideck, manning, fire fighting, communications and other equipment on the helideck. 
South and Southern Jutland Police  Investigation of serious accidents and fatalities on offshore installations. 
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration  Responsible for control of food and hygiene in kitchens.