Rules and guidelines on health and safety on offshore installations

A number of acts and regulations governing health and safety conditions on offshore installations, etc.

  • Please note that the below-mentioned rules may be outdated. We refer to where you can find the rules in force.

The Offshore Safety Act

Consolidated act no. 831 of 1 July 2015 regarding safety, etc. for offshore installations for exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons (The Offshore Safety Act).

The act regulates safety of offshore installations, the working environment on the installations and other health conditions.

The Subsoil Act

Consolidated Act No. 960 of 13 September 2011 regarding the use of the Danish suboil (Subsoil Act).

The act regulates general licenses for exploration and extraction of minerals from the subsoil, but also certain safety and environmental aspects of installations for exploration and extraction and other activities related to the exploration and extraction of mineral resources. Certain activities offshore need approvals after this act.

Continental Shelf Act

Consolidated Act No. 1101 of 18 November 2005 on the Continental Shelf as amended by Act No. 548 of 6 June 2007, section 2, and Act No 1400 of 27 December 2008, section 3.
The act regulates the exploitation of the continental shelf, including safety and environmental conditions on transit pipelines.

Executive Orders

There are a number of regulations (Executive Orders) and guidelines which explains the rules pursuant to the above mentioned acts.

EU Regulations

In addition to Danish acts and regulations, the EU has issued so-called regulations which are regulations that are directly applicable to businesses and citizens across the EU. It is therefore not required to implement these with national rules which is the case with directives. One such regulation is the so-called REACH regulation involving chemicals, including the use of chemicals on offshore installations.