Health and Safety Case

A Health and Safety Case must demonstrate that the health and safety risks on the offshore facility are identified, assessed and reduced, to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

A Health and Safety Case must also prove that the company can manage these risks in a controlled manner and, if necessary, evacuate the plant in an efficient and controlled manner in critical situations.

The Health and Safety Case must be updated whenever there are significant changes in the safety and health conditions or operational conditions on the installation.
For mobile offshore units health and safety report can be prepared in accordance with the "International Guidelines of Drilling Contractors, Health, Safety and Environmental Case (Guidelines for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units)".

A Health and Ssafety Case does not have to be a single coherent document containing the above information, but must at least refer to where the different parts can be found.

Minimum Requirements for Safety and Health reports

  • A detailed description of the offshore installation and its operating conditions.
  • A detailed description of the management system for safety and health.
  • An identification of the risks of major hazards and adverse impact on the working environment by staying at the facility.
  • An assessment of risks and evidence that these risks are reduced as much as is reasonably practicable (ALARP).
  • Documentation of that evacuation to a safe place can take place in an efficient and controlled manner in critical situations

The DWEA guideline 65.1.13 for Health and Safety Documents in connection with offshore oil and gas operations - January 2017.