Inspection of the enterprises

The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) carries out different types of inspection in an effort to prevent accidents and sickness and to ensure safe and sound working places.

The control measures of the Danish Working Environment Authority

The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) supervises whether Acts and rules in the field of safety and health at work are observed, inter alia through inspection visits and guidance of the enterprises and their safety organisations, with a view to making the enterprises capable of solving their own tasks in relation to the working environment. The different forms of sanctions of WEA, i.e. improvement notices, legal charges, administrative fines and guidelines - will depend on both the enterprise’s actual working environment standards and on its own efforts. As an executive authority, WEA focuses in particular on enterprises with poor safety and health conditions and no serious policy in relation to working environment issues. 

Offshore inspection

WEA inspects safety and health of work carried out on offshore installations under the Offshore Safety Act and Subsoil Act.

The cornerstone of supervision is the companies' self-monitoring in the form of a management system for health and safety, to ensure and document that the regulatory requirements are met and that the execution and design of offshore installation and jobs are done with minimal risk to people and property.

A part of this system is verification by independent classification and certification companies. The requirement of a management system is shown in Chapter 3 of the Offshore Safety Act and section 8 of Executive Order No. 729 of 3 July 2009 on the management of health and safety on offshore installations. The inspection is carried out partly on the basis of information from the executive companies, and through visits to individual workplaces
WEA's inspection is based - in addition to the Danish rules - on the plans and conditions pursuant to which the WEA's approval of each activity. The inspection covers both single and more general issues and is focused on the individual circumstances. A part of this is:

  • Areas where the selected conditions in a given time is given special emphasis in supervision. This will ensure systematic follow-up to several installations / companies.
  • Audits where WEA inspections on an offshore installation or by visiting the company's onshore office systematically reviews the company in selected areas to show that the Danish rules (and specific conditions of the installation) is taken in account in the planning and execution of tasks.
  • Supervision / visit where the WEA by visiting an offshore installation inspect the plant's general condition, conducts audits, follow-up focus areas and on any problems identified by inspection or audit, as well as meeting with the plant's safety organization.