Working environment-related information

The external document structure of the Danish Working Environment Authority distinguishes between documents of a legal nature and documents of an informative nature. Documents of an informative nature include WEA Guides, workplace assessment checklists and other types of information material.

WEA Guides
36 sector guides describing the most important working environment problems of individual sectors, along with the work processes causing these problems. 

Workplace assessment checklists
Sector workplace assessment checklists targeting, in particular, enterprises with less than 10 employees. 4 checklists in English: Agriculture, forestry and horticulture (PDF), Building and Construction (PDF), Kitchen (PDF) and Cleaning (PDF). For other sectors see list of 85 checklists in Danish.  

Sector Working Environment Council for Private Office and Administrative Workplaces: Risk assessment in office workplaces.

Other types of information material 
Working environment-related information material available in an English translation.