Danish Working Environment Authority

The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) invites tenders to carry out the following project:

Mapping and comparative analysis of how OHS-activities are regulated, funded, organized and implemented in countries comparable with Denmark.

Foreign enterprises must provide notification in RUT 

Foreign enterprises carrying out temporary assignments in Denmark must notify Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT). This applies to foreign enterprises posting employees as well as own-account workers / sole proprietorships.

Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

Companies using foreign labour must be aware that foreign workers are not allowed to work i Denmark unless their qualifications or/and education have been recognized by the Working Environment Authority. 

Methods for analysis of accidents at work

Ideally, accidents should be a one-off incident. This is why the Danish WEA has developed a method to learn from accidents, which enterprises can use to analyse what went wrong so as to prevent recurrences. This method is based on the Danish WEA's many years of experience with investigating accidents and it has been tested by a number of enterprises. Read more.

Notification, substances and materials to the Danish Product Registry

Enterprises that manufacture, import or alter the trade name of hazardous chemical products intended for commercial use, in situations involving the product in quantities exceeding 100kg annually, are obligated to report the products to the Danish Product Registry. Read more about which products must be reported and how to the report them.

REACH - registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals

Enterprises that import or manufacture chemical substances in the EU must register these substances with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The REACH Regulation also requires suppliers of hazardous substances and mixtures to prepare and provide safety data sheets. For certain substances, there is moreover a requirement that the supplier provide an exposure scenario as an annex to the safety data sheet.